1000 Miles!!!!......almost


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WIMP!! :angry:
Lol.. well done anyway for nearly getting there..tomorrow is the day?
Is that x1000 this year?
How about logging your mileage with the CycleChat team on MyCyclingLog here
claud rider

claud rider

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Norwich, Norfolk
:angry::blush::biggrin: Sorry its taken TWO years!!!!...in my defense i was made redundant and out of work for a year ..so no daily commutes.
I know should have had even more time for riding :sad::blush::ohmy::blush::biggrin::blush::biggrin::blush::biggrin:


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High Wycombe
claud rider said:
Today would have been the day that finally my speedo clocked 1000 miles......trouble was it was CHUCKING it down so wimped out and took the car...sorry guys :wacko:

well done! I have only been cycling at weekends for the last three months and only clocked about 100 miles ....
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