2009 Trek 7.3 WSD


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I've got one of these which, since buying an XL Crosstrail Sport, I am finding a little small (I am ~5'10, inside leg 32", long arms for a woman). I love the light weight and the speed on the 32mm smooth tyres, just find the geometry a little off now.

What might it be worth second hand if I were to sell and buy a men's bike (maybe just another 7.3 or a 7.5, maybe a Sirrus, maybe a Marin)? Not sure how far I have ridden it (less than 1000 miles I guess), not ridden in rain intentionally (we all get caught from time to time :laugh: ), few marks on the frame due to the goldy matt finish. Cost me £450 last summer. 2010 model same price

TIA :rofl:


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Any chance you can take it back to the shop where you bought it and try and get a deal?

Otherwise, selling it on here would be an option - got to be worth £360-400 IMHO.


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vickster said:

I would be better off with cash - they also only have Spesh and Trek, could get a lower priced 2009 model or similar

Do you really think it could be worth that much...cool :biggrin:

Question - is this a men's bike, as there seem to be two 2010 models?



The first one is the same sort of colour as my current one
The 2nd one is the mens one,prob a mistake on the site as the 1st one is a girls bike.
Think you'd be lucky to get the amount suggested tbh,maybe closer to £250-275.
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