39 dead in Lorry


Just read this terrible news,puts a lot of other things into perspective ! RIP.
That is simply awful.
To prove murder, the prosecution would have to prove the driver at least intended serious harm to the deceased.

Very unlikely, so reckless act manslaughter is probably where it will end up.

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I think the arrest for murder is standard procedure in a case like this, similar to if you killed someone who was trying to kill you. It allows the police time to question under caution while the facts were being established. If the driver had no knowledge that those people were in his trailer he will be in the clear.


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Awful. Truly terrible.

Odd how they arrested the driver for murder when he only picked the trailer up from the docks, 35 minutes earlier.
My thoughts too, if the driver knew what his load was, I think he could only be classed as an accomplice, if he’s tendered to pick the trailer up at the docks & drop it off somewhere I can’t see how he can be in any way held to blame, the murderer is the person or persons who took money off the victims & put them in the trailer.
however what an awful way to go, all they wanted was a better life.


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There are an awful lot of conclusions being jumped to here....
I am not making any conclusions.

Different news items tell different things. It appears the guy arrested for murder did drive it over from Belgium though. It appears he also raised the alert. The unit has not been in Bulgaria since 2017.

There is a lot of investigating to do but I hope some people do some serious jail time.
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