5 Brit girls injured


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Just read on Cycling news that 5 of the British girls have been hit by a car while out training in Belgium today. Worst injured is Hannah Mayo, 2 broken legs, broken arm & wrist. It is close to home for us as she's a local girl, she and her 2 sisters went to the same school as my kids and the family live in our village. I often see Hannah out training, or I did before she relocated.

Mr BP saw her mum at the election count last night and she said Hannah was due to fly to Portugal next week. Hope she, and the other riders all make a full recovery.


Oh, balls. Get good quick, ladies.

The Guardian

The Beeb.

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They all sound bad, but Hannah Mayho's injuries in particular are highly worrying. Needless to say, I hope things pick up for them.


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I just sent Hannah Mayho a get well soon message on FB....
Might be worth others doing the same ? There is only one with that name located in Belgium and from Halifax...
Made me feel better....and I hope it helps put a smile on Hannahs (and the other girls faces) knowing that complete strangers are thinking of them!


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FB update from Lucy Martin, saying they're all doing well and on the mend already.


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Apparently it was a nurse who SMIDSY'd, pulling across a cycle lane in which the girls were riding. Unconfirmed, but that is what I read somewhere, can't remember where, sorry.


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I notice that 3 of the 5 - Katie, Lucy and Sarah - are already back in race action. Hopefully the other 2 are recovering well too.
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