71 year old viciously kicked in unprovoked attack


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View: https://youtu.be/OuCZv9EJwXo

Whether you like him or not Arnie is an old man, he’s had heart surgery, this could have been a very serious incident. Not many 71 year olds could take such a big kick.

Some people do very silly things, what positive outcome did the other guy think would come of this.


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He's doing well to use snap chat and stuff at that age....
Cheeky sod :headshake:


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I wouldnt argue with him face to face. He is huge.

But his security let their guard down. Heads would roll if I was Arnie. They are there literally, to watch his back. They failed miserably.


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What security guards? There aren't any! The commentator says thirty to forty but what kind of fading star can afford or even needs a presidential security team?

That's like those telephone answering systems that say: "Due to the high number of calls we are receiving...." when the receptionist is actually in the bog.


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The depth some people will stoop to, no morals, no self control.
When my dad was circa 70, blind and using a white stick, walking slowly along a path skirting a park, on his own....a grown man got In his face and said something along the lines of...'fcuk off out the way you silly old etc etc'
The effect it had on him was deep....as if living with blindness wasnt enough.
It upsets me now to think about how it made him feel.

Fella in the video, likelihood is he wont care a jot. Scum.
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