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The chief exec of McDonald's has been sacked for having a relationship with an employee.

Against the company's values, apparently.

Expensive bunk up for him, the job paid £12million or so a year.

The wording of the rule refers to no relationship with a 'subordinate'.

That does rather limit the chief exec's options because everyone in the company is subordinate to him.

Presumably, two lowly till operators are allowed to get together since they could be deemed to be on an equal footing.



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New MacD strapline required ?


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Seems fair enough. Similar rules apply in many organisations. I think a female US politician has been in trouble for a similar thing recently. I imagine many genuine long term relationships start between bosses and their staff (this wasn't one, apparently), but he knew the rules and it's very inappropriate considering his position. He's probably wadded already so the embarrassment and loss of status will hit harder than the salary.


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He is divorced, so there is no other woman. In my view as long as he is not abusing his position then both parties should be free to continue. To me is it saying that McDonald's cannot trust their staff to behave appropriately.
As Chief Exec presumably he knew the roolz. Whether it's a good rule is a separate matter. If he didn't approve of the rule he could have tried to change it.

Anyway, it's a bit of a non-story:

"In an email to staff, the British businessman acknowledged the relationship and said it was a mistake.
"Given the values of the company, I agree with the board that it is time for me to move on," he said."

I suspect he will be given a large payoff and soon get another senior job.


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The girl could have been trying to sleep her way to the top. Probably had her eye on that litter patrol position.
Then there's the extra stars to had.

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HR at top level in McDonalds? If not then it is just a guess like anyone else's.

People in HR like to think they know a lot about business decisions, but they very rarely do. They know what they are told by operational managers.
Well of course it's a guess.
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