A blow for Scottish independence

Joey Shabadoo

My pronouns are "He", "Him" and "buggerlugs"
It's a bold statement having a football referee, one of the most reviled class of people in Scotland, lead the Tory charge.
I think he's only sticking his neck out this far because if the Tories collapse next month he'll still have his seat in WM for another 4 years.
Like Ruth, now completely unaccountable to the electorate.
He's not a referee, he's a linesman. The people who have only one job to do in the game and invariably screw that up.

Joey Shabadoo

My pronouns are "He", "Him" and "buggerlugs"

The flyers I have had from any unionist party seem to have no policy whatsoever apart from repeating the mantra 'We hate the SNP in general and Nicola Sturgeon in particular."
They have nothing positive it is all negative.
The latest one I got from the tories doesn't mention any of their policies or even have a picture of Douglas Ross. Like they're embarrassed by them.

Joey Shabadoo

My pronouns are "He", "Him" and "buggerlugs"


Rohan Man
Bugbrooke UK
No problem, play your independence referendum trump card and you can have another roll of the dice.
That's a pretty tired argument. If we were still in the EU and Westminster had delivered on the real and implicit promises of the 2014 referendum then I'd say there was a point.

Instead, Scotland which is hugely in favour of EU membership has been dragged out. Various mischief and downright malfeasance, some of it visible immediately the No result came out, has left commitments unfulfilled and we've now got a PM who is actively trying to roll back devolution.

How would you answer the argument that we've had a generation's worth of change in less than 10 years and a new referendum should follow?
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