A good value-for-money bike repair stand


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Hi All,

I commute much and recently I went to repairing my MTB on my own.

The benefits I see:
1) It saves money.
2) I learn a lot about my bike.
3) A real man/woman fixes his/her own bike! What would Tim the tool-man Taylor say about this?!
4) I gain trust in my bike because I know more about its condition.

Do you know a good-value-for-money bike repair stand you feel you could recommend?

The repair stand should be easy to use, stable and a one that I can fold to spare space when I am not using it.

I appreciate your help!


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The EBC one is good http://www.edinburghbicycle.com/ebw...QRY=C417&f_SortOrderID=1&f_bct=c012372c012369

I have the same one purchased from ebay for £40 :wacko:
I managed to pick up a Lifeline one in a wiggle sale for circa £40, at that its a bargain but at the current price £70 I'm not so sure. Its stable and foldable though.
I also have cheaper tune up stands (circa this type), beyond tinkering with your brakes however there not good, for some tasks you have to get the wheels of the ground etc. They're not the most stable either.


I've a Decathlon cheapie, it was only about £25 bought in France a few years back. It's not as good as a Park one a pal has but it cost about £100 less. It's foldable and provided you are sensible it's stable enough.
"3) A real man/woman fixes his/her own bike! What would Tim the tool-man Taylor say about this?!".......
....................... probably something like "arrrgghhaarrrgghhharrrgghh!"

+1 for the Park Tools stand, not cheap but will last you a lifetime.


I've got this one, it wasn't cheap, but it's really good and solid. I put the bike on it to clean as well.


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Argos do one - £90-100. Would've thought it would be more than adequate for the hobbyist - and if you have an Argos card, you can pay for it over 3 months.
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