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After fifteen years of loyal service to my employer I have £150 worth of Amazon vouchers to spend, but I can't think of anything that I want or need.
Dare I ask if any of you kind folks have any suggestions?


That question resembles "how long is a piece of string?", can you narrow the field down a bit:biggrin::biggrin:


What do you enjoy?

Books obviously are their core business - if it were me I'd spend it on expensive books I'd not buy

Music / games / computer gadgetry - the world is your oyster.

We need more info - I'm guessing you'd spend it on a luxury you wouldn't normally buy, so what do you enjoy doing :smile:


Wow. :smile:

Given a blank piece of paper without any suggestions, and leaving aside books and music as I don't know your taste, and computer kit like keyboards, printers etc assuming you already have all that stuff, here's some hyperlinks to ruminate upon...





But I'd still buy the Scalextric. The digital stuff is fantastic! :smile:

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Aperitif said:
Get some Andy Goldsworthy, Mark - artist of natural causes...

Some PG Wodehouse perhaps for the gentleness? A bit of Lee Child/Harlan Coben... for thrills and action, one or two books for 'precious others'?

Lucky you - have fun! :smile:

+1 for the PG Wodehouse - the Jeeves and Wooster ones of course.

But they're dirt cheap anyway.

If I had 150 squids to spend on Amazon I would pick something I've always been interested in, but not enough to buy or afford.

Personally I'd buy some obscure archaeology textbooks (which cost a fortune) for example.

This is why we need more info from Mark :smile:

I looked at the box set of "The Wire" -which is now only £59.99 on Amazon at the moment and is one of the best investments you'll make if you like that sort of thing (ie great television). Probably the cultural high of the last 10 years for me in any medium, but we don't know you're tastes!
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