Am I packing too much weight?


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Ok I just weighed my loaded panniers etc on the bathroom scales:

Bike load:

RR 4.2 (tent & Mat & footprint & Meths)
RL 4.2 (sleep bag & clothes & olive oil)
FL 1.6 (wash bag & tools) (space left to pick up food en route)
FR 2.7 ( Trangia & other cook stuff)
BB 0.9 ( maps & puncture kit, tube, phone)
sleep mat 0.6
Wb's(2 full) 0.8

Total 15kg (not including bike or clothes being worn)

Me 120.8kg

Me 120.8kg (diet is on going!)

I still need to weigh the bike, but it is what it is so it's irrelevant really.I am taking two mats for added comfort and one to use on the beach if the weather holds. It's leight weight it makes no real difference to the load...although it's not very aerodynamic.

I have been through the gear several times and cannot reduce it much more I feel.
I still need to add in my small credit card sized camera and charger and a phone charger which will no doubt take the total to near16kg I reckon.

I read people talking about their loads at 12kg or do they do that??? I am operating on minimums here already (i.e half a small tube toothpast not a full one, just 2 pairs shorts, three cycle shirts, no civvy clothes etc)


As I've never done any touring I can't offer you any advice on kit but just wanted to say that I'm getting quite excited for you! To be honest, I'm very jealous.


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Too much for what? I’ve ridden with someone who carries more weight than that when staying in B&Bs and someone else who gets everything for a months camping in a saddlebag. We’re all different, only trial and error will tell what’s right for you.
For a long weekend I use 2 panniers and a bar bag which weighs 13kg. For a week or more I add front panniers and the weight goes up to 18kg. The 5kg difference between the two loads can be felt on the hills, but on an average day it doesn’t have any noticeable affect on average speed or distance. The main difference is bike handling, my heavyweight tourer actually handles better with four panniers, I prefer the handling of my lighter tourer with rear panniers only.
* my weights don't include the stuff that's normally on the bike, tools, tubes, water...

Slightly OT – I find that unequal loads in the front panniers can affect handling, particularly at speed downhill.


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thanks....yep my front panniers are a little unequal at the moment...but I still have the camera and charger to add, and the rest of the space will be filled with food each afternoon. I dont know how long I am going for exactly...depends on the weather, my mood, money, who I meet etc...I have two weeks to kill, but could just keep going...or if the weather is a total wash out I'll head home.

...also I have just been invited to a party in Erzhausen near Hannover Germany....the thought just occurred to me that I could get a ferry into cuxhaffen and pedal there!'s all up in the air...I wont know how I feel until I feel it....I am I'll just go with the flow for a while....'til the cash runs out !
Stop fretting. It's no big deal if your are carrying a bit too much stuff. The only way you can fine tune things now is to go and do your tour and find out what's right for you.
Personally, I'd be more worried about your olive oil leaking onto your sleeping bag and clothes in your RR pannier.


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I'd be more worried about your olive oil leaking onto your sleeping bag and clothes in your RR pannier
...aha! ...I have it packed in a poly bag in a seperate pocket of the bag so it'll be fine. I had an empty mini plastic ketchup bottle, so i used that...weighs very little and it'll be important for my cordon blow cooking !

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I did a 5 week tour earlier this year and carried 30lb in total, plus food for lunch and the evening, as and when. I would say you're about spot on but no doubt you'll do some fine tuning en route.

just jim

Nice looking set up- everything looks O.K - as mentioned you can ditch the weight as you go. A lot of your weight will be food and drink up front.
I went 100% clipless this year as I took those half and half pedals before. This went well apart from two comical falling off episodes, one in front of a group of tourists. I would *really really not forget to disengage* before stopping - especially after long uninterrupted stretches where everything is hunky-dory.

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sounds fine to me. I have all the camping kit pretty much in the weights you describe and with just 2 rear panniers for an overnight trip I must be well over 10kg, poss 12. Personally I would add some civvy clothes, or buy at least one polyester wicking t shirt to wear in the evenings. Where I suffer on weight is the addition of a lock (do you have one), and tools, which I always take too many of due to a variety of previous mechanical problems making me paranoid!

The good news is that if you do fall over with four panniers on it protects the bike!


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I am taking two combination 'curly' type locks...which i forgot to add to the above as they are attached to my bike. There are supposed to be leightweight but they are heavier than I would like, but I cannot go without them, especially as it's just me (no partner to watch the bike when I'm in the supermarket etc).

I am going 100% clipless. I feel confident (no falls yet) but I know my time will come! I am taking a spare cleat jus tin case I lose one. I have made it a habit of mine to de clip 50yds before any junction.....I'll post up a pic of the bruises when I get back ;)

I do have three cycle shirts with team logos etc...just plain shirts with a nike tick, so I'll be ok wearing them in the boozer as well as on the road.

So far I have booked up accomadation until the bank holiday whaen I'm stuffed...:sad:

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Must be getting excited now Bigfella, hope it turns out well. Just out of interest, or maybe I've missed the post, how is the Brooks saddle getting on now that you've got a few miles into your rear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hello keith,
The brooks is fine, it was comfortable right out of the box.

I find I am much more comfy on it without padded shorts....well without the padding but with the shorts if you get me drift.

I have added some more stuff to my panniers, given the current crap weather I am taking waterproof jacket, trousers and overshoes....I am off on Saturday morning...just hoping the wind is going to drop...I dont fancy a headwind all the way up !

I have manged to get places to say/camp/B&b/hostels up to and including the bank holiday now. The route changed as as I had to go where there was space on the bank holiday. Some of th eovernights are closer together than I had hoped but I will do circular loop day rides as well as A to B rides. Also it will allow me to potter around (Hopefully) and take things at my own pace.

I have no idea yet where I will end up after the bank holiday, I'll cross those bridges when I get to them.

I hope this trip will teach me a lot about life on the time I want to go abroad cycle camping and be more biggest concern is being on my own at the moment, I'd be happier riding with a freind...but I dont know anybody with th eslightest inclination to ride a bike!


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Bigtallfatbloke said:
So far I have booked up accomadation until the bank holiday whaen I'm stuffed...:ohmy:
It'll come to you, the realisation that the joy of camping is that you're never stuffed.
I think you're a lot better prepared than I was for my first tour, have a good one.
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