And a Jo Swinson thread, too.


An Peanut
The opening paragraph is not exactly a great advert for the rest of the article.

"Here was a young, energetic politician offering a third way for voters turned off by Jeremy Corbyn's divided Labour, Boris Johnson's splintering Tories and Nigel Farage's absolutism over Brexit."

Basic maths says that is a 4th way.


Lovely stuff
That London


Flouncing Nobber
She's a chump, as bad as the rest of them. People who have a legitimately held, but different, political view to her own are "selfish".

Apparently she might want to look up "arrogant" while she's at it.

Have her ilk still not figured out that being rude about those a different political view only gets their backs up and makes them dig their heels in, and it's exactly that behaviour that gave us the result of a certain national referendum a few years ago. And still tbey do it. Call someone a tw@t and they'll behave like a tw@t just to spite you in return.
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