And most Overrated?


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Gotta be ELVIS!!!

Never wrote a song, performed other standards in a sub-standard manner (Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Moon of Kentucky etc)

Couldn't act but managed to appear in a whole host of dreary second class films.

Just a lucky white boy, right place, right time.

And finished off as a Las Vegas freak show...


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I saw the thread title and thought 'Elvis' no question. Completely agree with you.


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Blimey...Elvis...superb singer!
Beatles...marvellous stuff mostly apart from the twee McCartneys and the whimsical "Octopus' Garden" type stuff.
Oasis...arrogant @rsehole Liam, Noel = a bit cleverer and a very good songwriter, even if lyrics are naive.
Overrated = Phil Collins, Sting, and their ilk.
Jury's out on U2....

Big Bren

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Bigtallfatbloke said:
Artic monkeys
Kaiser cheifs
.....ok I'll b ehonest...any crappy two chord band since the end of the '80's:biggrin:
The Smiths?! Aren't you supposed to be a muso of some type BFTB? They don't belong anywhere near that list of innoffensive, mediocre, pop-rock type stuff.

Shame on you BFTB, you're a charlatan.



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Rolling Stones, collectively and individually a complete waste of space and resources.

I like the early Elvis, he was a great performer early in his career. The Beatles weren't the great band some claim they were, but pretty decent in my book.


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I'd just like to pop in and contribute with 'The Verve'. Always irritated me how one reasonable (if that) album when i was a student and all of a sudden they were one of the all-time greats - at least among the people I knew at the time.
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