Anyone know about graphics tablets?


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My daughter has said she'd like a graphics tablet for her birthday. There seem to be quite a lot out there. Anyone have any experience of them and/or recommendations and/or just general tips on what to look out for? Thanks.


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Wacom seam to be the market leader in graphic tablets. On personal experience i find them a pain in the ass. Even when working with photoshop.


Yep, Wacom are the best. Expensive though. They do an entry level model called the Bamboo which is pretty good and less than £100, and is about as much as any home user will need. The Intuos are brilliant but you're looking at £250-£300.

I've got a Genius M712 which is pretty good. It's no Wacom but at one third of the price it's coped admirably.

Keep in mind that with tablets, bigger isn't always better. I got an A4 one and to be honest I sometimes wish I'd stuck with A5.


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Bigger is better. The smaller the tablet the more you have to use your wrist which hurts. negating one of the biggest advantages of tablets and encourages chicken scratch lines. I wouldn't go smaller than A5 ideally A4 but A5 should be fine (what I have). Bigger will obviously cost more though...

Definitely go Wacom. Battery less pen! :cheers:


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swee said:
I bought a Waccom tablet a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, it had no screen on it, and I can't draw if I'm not looking at my drawing as I'm doing it, so was no good to me. so it may be best avoiding any that don't have a screen on them?
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