Anyone using High5 Zero drink?


Not to sure?
I have just bought some from Wiggle on account that it has been rated so highly by so many people.

I only bought a couple of tubes, the cherry/orange and the citrus flavours. But with only one tablet per bottle, as per the instructions, it tastes very weak to me? Or maybe its because I have been used to a stronger type of drink, don't know?

I'm sure that it has its benefits, but I do prefer something that tastes a bit stronger. Maybe I'll try two tablets in a bottle and see what happens?


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Know what you mean.Try adding a little squash to the mix.


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Got a load of those free from a mag. Tasted manky. Prefer gatorade or powerade watered down. Usually just drink some orange juice or have a smoothie after a ride.


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they are only meant for an electrolyte mix really, if you want something with flavour you need to go with the high 5 energy source mix.

You can find it on our site. (see link below)

If you want any more advice, info etc email or PM me.
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