Are the EU being Shellfish?

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Variant names mean nothing apart from where they were identified. They could have mutated at a location anywhere on the planet. The EU are a bunch of arrogant complacent career bureaucrats who have been caught with their pants down.
They're furiously trying to divert attention from this and play silly buggers.

If I ran the EU I would have sacked half of them by now and told the rest who I hadn't sacked to stop pissing about passing endless bits of paper around 27 times over to make themselves look busy and actually get something done ASAP. That would mean short-circuiting all the normal mindless nonsense that the EU runs on, and simply saying "get the vaccines out there without all the stupid procedures" JFDI, and do it now!!!
Remind me, how many pieces of paper does someone have to read and sign in say Germany before they can have their vaccine? There's none of this box ticking bollocks in the UK, if you want a jab and don't have some adverse medical problem, they give you a jab and that's all there is to it. It's a shitshow because shitshows are the only thing the EU know how to construct.
I don't have to remind you of any such thing - it's irrelevant. You can hold a view about how efficient or otherwise the EU is. I'll likely think you wrong - but that isn't the challenge and you know it. It's your hate speech - it's nasty and unnecessary and it reeks of absolute bigotry.


Really, your rants are bizarre.

Germany is currently vaccinating as many per capita as the UK

And the cautions on vaccinating are actually country rather than EU driven; the EMA has been uniformly positive about the vaccines.

For a non EU example, take Norway, who've taken an ultra cautious approach to vaccination. Isv that caused by the EU? They have almost the best COVID record in Europe.
The trouble is the EU are two months late to the party and they're now having to play catch up. That is entirely a situation of their own making. They were too busy making their usual show of "european solidarity" to pull their fingers out of their arses. It's fine to end up with 27 individual virus horror shows, so long as those horror shows are all EU harmonised and everyone sings from the same hymn sheet.
The UK got it's act together early on, and so did the US in the final weeks of Trump's administration.
Then you had that 24 carat moron Macron casting aspersions on the AZ vaccine claiming it didn't work and the equally cretinous Merkel saying she wouldn't have the vaccine herself! National leaders are supposed to actually lead by example and inspire confidence in the vaccine, yet you had the leaders of the two most influential EU member states playing silly games posturing and doing the exact opposite of inspiring confidence. You really couldn't make up the degree of incompetence involved at all levels of the EU and some of it's national leaders. Absolute total feckwits the lot of them.
You really couldn't make up the degree of incompetence involved at all levels of the EU and some of it's national leaders.
Yes, hopeless incompetence resulting in a death toll lower than ours and a vaccinating programme slower by a small number of weeks.

It's interesting that you conflate EU and their national governments.

By that measure, the mistakes of Nicola Sturgeon are down to Boris Johnson.

But I don't get any sense you are interested in any of this.


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I've heard enough bigotry from one, and inane babble for another. Others may need to forgive me for speaking out and then disappearing, but I need a break to regain some sanity; so I'm off out with my lovely other half to the New Forest to appreciate nature, to have a bimble, and hopefully a decent lunch.

I'll be back.
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