Are the Tories still nasty?

The same way they were bleating about GP practices being sold off to American firms, when in actual fact not a single GP practice in the nation belongs the the NHS? Every single one had already been in private hands since 1947, butnit didn't stop iold Hindsight from complaining.
The problem is allowing private GP practices including Dentists to use the NHS signage. So many have no idea that it is indeed private and the doctor or doctors are running their own business. You will be surprised that 9 out of 10 genuinely think they are dealing with NHS. The only remaining chap has no clue what is even happening.

What is expected is that commercial medical clinic operators will raise fees for various services that are not regulated by NHS protocol. Over time public medical presence will downsize and the closest will be these Commercially run clinics staffed by doctors who are on fee and profit sharing arrangement. A win for the doctors.

Doctors prefer the commercially run clinics because they can focus on medicine and avoid minding over loans for new equipment acquisition and staff management.

The end result is demise of free and universal medical care as it was intended.

Both parties should address this. Both are just as bad and have neglected to protect the legacy.
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