Arise Sir Tom !!!

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Why can't those nasty people who trolled Sir Tom be brought to justice? It needs to get to the point where the Directors of Twitter, Facebook, and all the other online platforms face the music too for allowing this to happen.
One man is making his journey through the Scottish courts for posting an offensive message about Sir Tom.

Clear up rates in general are pitiful, and never lower than with this type of crime.

If dozens, or hundreds, pile in there is no realistic prospect of prosecuting any more than a tiny handful.

Also worth considering some of the criticism of Sir Tom and the family was arguably justified, so not all messages they describe as trolling would be actionable.

Twitter and Facebook have a statutory defence of 'not being the author', which is why Trustpilot avoided censure when a bloke posted a defamatory review of a solicitor on their site.

However, they were ordered to take down the review.

Another problem is directors of companies in Silicon Valley are largely outside the jurisdiction of the British courts.

Twitter and Facebook do rely on a good reputation to keep subscribers and attract advertisers, so they try to preserve that reputation by moderating their sites and taking down at least some grossly offensive content.

But compelling them to do anything is difficult, which is why most calls for action are in terms of urging them to do something.


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I think he did a great job in raising the money and it was wonderful how everyone rallied around.

I really dont think he deserves a knighthood for walking up and down his garden though. There must be more worthy recipient's who have been working tirelessly for years.

But I dont begrudge him his award though.
It will not do him much good.
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