awesome ride home from work


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what a lovely ride home from work, sun was out, nice little breeze, not much traffic due to schools being off, made it home in record time aswell, BLOODY LOVELY!!


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Great feeling isn't it? :smile:
I had a cracking ride too.

Making good progress, faster than normal, then some lycra-clad and obviously very physically fit cyclist zoomed past as I was just setting off from lights.

I was feeling energetic, just managed to keep pace though after the initial accellerate I never managed to gain on him enough to draft but he was clocking some speed and him being one of those lithe shaped cyclists and me being of the rounder variety...I think if the end of my trip had been half a mile further I would have been vomiting at the end.

Still, gave me a good warm-up, tonight's run around Derwent was the easiest yet
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