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What are the views on a baby (11 months) in a bike seat?

She is able to sit and holds her head up fine, but we are unable to find a helmet small enough for her. The smallest helmet I've found is around 46cm. We'd need 42 or there abouts.

The fact there appear to be few, if any, helmets for a child of her size makes me wonder if we should even be considering having her on the back of a bike, even if we could find a helmet.

So, two questions. What are the general views on v young childen on the back of bikes, and if okay, where the heck can we find a helmet?!



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As long as she can sit & hold her head up it should be OK.

Personally, I would wait until their neck is stronger though, to cope with a bumpy ride or a sudden stop, especially with the extra weight of a hemet.


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Took ours on our bike when she was 10/11 months.
You can't get a helmet and it may do more harm than good. The seat anyway should protect the head. Wife did have an off but no harm to child.
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