Bike found in Henbury (Bristol)



My husband found a Pinnacle bike (Monday 2nd September) in the Henbury area of Bristol, near Henbury golf course it was dumped in a hedge and was stripped of its lights, some kind of digital unit and wheels...

We have been desperately trying to locate the owner, my husband has been to the Police twice who haven’t been able to help, and my husband was even told that if the bike is of use to him, than he may as well keep it.

We’ve checked a couple of websites where people have reported their bike stolen, but there doesn’t appear to be anything.

We would really like to reunite the bike with it’s owner.

If anybody can help or know who the owner is please get in touch.

Thank you.


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There's a Stolen Bikes Bristol Facebook group which might be worth joining/posting in ?


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Same thing happened to me about 7 years ago just as I was losing my mountain biking mojo, which got me into road cycling. After a month the Police gave it back to me.
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I took a MTB left at the end of our street to the police station .

Turns out it had a free to take sign on it which had come off in the wind. Police never did get back to me .
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