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Well, i've finally got back on my bike after a 6 month hiatus due to previous wonderful bike being stolen, lovely orange cycloscross framed coppi with campy gears. Then went travelling for a month and then waiting for cycle to work scheme to finally start. So in meantime in fact last week have bought myself a cheap fixie, this will probably be my main commuting bike, 12 mile round trip into london.

So i'll be spending between £800- £1,000 (accessories might be purchased also)(halfords voucher, buit i believe they can order most bikes in) on a bike . Main requirements.

Road bike
Mainly for long weekend rides building up to 100 mile rides occassionally
im 6ft
overweight ( because of the 6 months hiatus)
Campy gears preferred.

Would love the sky team bike but somewhat out of my league


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If you have Halfords vouchers and given your location, take a trip to Pearsons on Sutton High Street and On Your Bike, right near London Bridge station, just past the tourist hell of the London Dungeon ;) Can see the bikes in the metal and planty of choice at both. I can't help you with specifics, but Jim at Pearsons is very helpful as are the guys at OYB. They both have a good range of kit too.

You can also go to Condor on Grays Inn Road who have a very good rep.

If Halfords, I believe the higher end Boardman bikes offer good bang for buck


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Just because you have a halfords voucher doesn't mean you have to buy at Halfrauds, under the C2W rules you can use it at any LBS which does C2W, so go where you feel most comfortable buying.
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