Bike locks & anti theft cover

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Has anyone ever had to claim against anti theft cover provided by a bike lock?

I wonder if the cover is worth the paper it's written on, as i've just bought an onguard lock for £24 & it comes with £1400 anti theft cover. That works out cheaper than bicycle insurance :?:

I need to send a copy of my receipt for the bike. I have a receipt for my hybrid (£300) but my road bike (£900) is through the cycle to work scheme so all i have is a lease agreement, anyone know if this will suffice?

I didn't bother sending mine off...they would only accept the original receipt and I didn't really want to post that anywhere in case I needed it for warranty, etc. Plus, the bike is insured anyway and I couldn't have double claimed, so there didnt seem much point.


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Check the terms carefully - if they want the broken lock returned to them before they pay out you may have a problem. Apparently many thieves take the broken lock as well as the bike because it leaves less evidence behind.
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