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Soo, after 2000 miles of devoted service, I've noticed that if I turn my bike upside down for whatever reason and press the (front only atm) brake lever, that I seem to be able to get the lever to touch the handlebars, whilst still being able to rotate the front wheel with relative ease.... do I just need to refill the resivoir?


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I wouldn't tip the bike upside down with any hydro system.............. and 'test' it....


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I was setting up gears... and wanted somthing other than fingers to stop the wheel with.... the brakes seemed ideal!!! But seriously - are they not designed to be inverted? they can withstand a couple kN of force to stop speeding rider, but they can't go upside down? seems a little odd to me...


There should be an adjuster on the back of the caliper, probably a screw or hex thingy. The pads wear over time and you need to push them in closer to the disks.

I had to do mine after only 500 miles, I think you are very lucky not to have found a wayward tree if this is the first adjustment in 2000 miles and the lever comes back to the bar without stopping the front wheel firmly.

Upside down should be ok as long as the reservoir cap is tight.
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