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Two things . Out cycling today and met a 75 year old chap who had done 60 miles ( I have a blooming long way to go ) and he also told us for his 65th birthday he had cycled from Hudderfsield to Spain about 1100 miles . Amazing .

He gave me a bit of a boost as I have been having a bike dilema and this is where I need some advice.

Last year I bought a Merida hybrd paid just over 200 quid and at that point had not signed up to do a charity ride from London to Paris . Anyway since I fitted my computer in March I have dome almost 700 miles and the bike is ok but took it for the brakes and told not ok but it rubbish blah blah blah blah .

So do I spend loads more on a new bike before I go which I then have to organise on train to London and back or do I go for option B which is to hire one from the company that is running the trip. They lend you a merida speeder t2 hybrid which seem to be a much better one than mine . It also means I don't have to get it to London etc etc but it will be new to me .

Any ideas appreciated.

A couple of weeks ago on the club run another roadie started chatting to me and we were going a good pace; it went something like 'I use to race 50 years ago', he then made other statements that made me realise he must of been in his 70'ties too.

wrt a new bike and if you can afford it I'd be tempted to look a bike with drop bars before your ride. IMO they're a lot more comfortable on long rides. On my cycling trip though I've hired a road bike for the reasons you suggest. Although in general the advice is your own bike will fit you better/ be more comfortable.
London to Paris is a long way if your not comfortable on the hire bike ! sometimes its better the devil you know

Is there any chance that you could test ride the hire bike ? or borrow a more suitable bike from a friend ?

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