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Gaz Vickers

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Hey folks,
I have a RockRider Mountain Bike, Which has the standard tyres on (thick and nobbly)
If i was to put more Road friendly tyres on, Which i presume would be slightly narrower. What would be the best option,Size wise?
I don't want full Road tyres as i use a country lane alot.
Thanks - Gary


Sell the *mountain* bike and get a hybrid instead :tongue:

Assuming you don't do that, I've heard it said that semi-slicks are a mixed blessing because the smooth centre tread makes the bike slippery in a straight line off-road, and the knobbled shoulders make it slippy on transitioning from straight to corner when on the road. A good knobbly tyre I've got is the Schwalbe Smart Sam, which has a near-continuous centre tread and runs on my hybrid about as quickly over 20 miles as do the slimmer slicks I also have.

Size-wise, who can say. More width = more comfort and more grip. Less width = faster. Ish. You can get slick tyres for your mtb that are as wide as almost any knobbly tyre (eg this, and conversely can get 1.0 inch tyres for 26 inch diameter wheels, thus:


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I can recommend Continental TourRide in 26x1.75". I've got these on my knockabout bike and find that they roll well on the road but have deep enough tread to still be quite capable off road.

I've done about 2000 miles on mine so far and they've got loads of wear left in them. (No punctures yet either:secret:.)


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St George
Schwalbe City Jet 26 x 1.5 MTB/Road Cycle Tyres. Bought these for my BSO in July, Not problems with them, none. and overall downhill they roll better and make less noise that my MTB tyres.


This might be of some interest to you Continental Sport Contact Review

I havent tried them yet, but i do intend to at some point!
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