Blackberry to Nokia SD swap


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The titles a bit cryptic, but i've cocked up my micro SD card.
Photos taken on a Nokia, i put the SD card into my Blackberry to see the pictures on a larger wouldnt recognise the format.
Put the card back into my wont recognise it either now.
The file symbols in gallery show an icon thats split in two and there's a load of Blackberry icons on the card as well.

Anyone come across his before ? Any fix ?

Gutted because the photos were important to me :tongue:


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i had that. i swapped the 1g card in the blackberry for the one in my new nokia which was only 128mb and nowt worked on either.

oddly, the mac recognises them both, but then they are rather good at that sort of thing.

i lost my edited version of kraftwerk's tour de france which i used as a ringtone too :tongue:

i'm using the aformentioned's telephone call instead, seems quite apt (especially here in the electric café)…
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