Blair's politics as marketing has led us to this

Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by Blue Hills, 11 Jul 2018.

  1. Blue Hills

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  2. TVC

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    I cannot disagree, but you add in Canbridge Analytica, and the other businesses you may have unwittingly signed your data away to for their profit and you see it is widespread across all parties and all countries.

    I expect we will find out about a whole range of apps and organisations who have profited from selling our information to a spectrum of political and commercial entities. We as individuals and as society have to wise up quickly to unsolicited information and ideas that appear to support our individual World view.
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  3. FishFright

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    Most of the free, plus high proportion of the not free , apps have been collecting all the stuff off your phones, tablets etc then selling them for years. That was their actual business and this was was often written in their terms and conditions. You do read those yeah ?
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  4. Salty seadog

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    Yep, they are primarily data mining tools
  5. Beebo

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    Its very difficult to place the blame fully on Blair. The internet was not a massive thing in 1997.
    Even when he left in 2007 these apps were very new.

    Direct Marketing is hardly a new thing but being able to drill down so deep into the data is.
    25 years ago I was being sent various targeted offers on my 18th birthday, how did companies know about this?
  6. Dan B

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    25 years ago, probably the electoral register. I seem to recall it used to be rather harder to opt out of the edited register than it is today
  7. Bromptonaut

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    Bugbrooke UK
    As above, not clear why OP thinks this is anything to do with Blair.
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  8. raleighnut

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    ^^^^^^ same here. :wacko:
  9. Unkraut

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    I think you may now expect companies to target your 43rd birthday ... (I have a 50% chance of being right on this!)

    The words Internet and privacy should never be used in the same sentence. I suppose there is nothing wrong with companies collecting data to help their marketing teams, this is nothing new and they need to survey potential demand for a product, but the extent of it is worrying. It's a kind of private surveillance society. Even if you have nothing to hide, I for one feel uncomfortable about it, having checked the price of something on the net and then been inundated with unsolicited offers through the post a few days later.

    I noticed such data was used in the Brexit compaign (other threads are available), and this is worrying as to me it indicates a desire to manipute the result by appealing to personal self-interest rather than treating this as a political decision, even if the two do overlap. All traditional advertising is to some extent an attempt to manipulate the public into buying something, but at least it is out in the open and you can choose whether to read it or watch it, and doesn't involve your personal life being bandied around by third parties.

    Mind you, I can't help but wonder what revelations there would be if Blair's private data was made public!
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  10. TVC

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    It started about that time and Blair did change the way Labour go about things. Clearly he didn't invent the practice, but New Labour were perhaps the ones to drive it into British politics, and now everyone is at it.

    I suppose we could make this thread about lefty scum and right wing cheats, or we could talk about the way all sides play the same game with our information.
  11. OP
    Blue Hills

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    Came back to explain for the mystified but see you have pretty much done it TVC.

    Yes it started with Blair. I was referring to the "marketing" thing rather than the more recent tech tools which have been applied to the philosophy of politics as marketing. Blair, Mandelson and various advisers invented the deep deep analysis of the electorate so that you could split them into types, tell each subdivision what they reckoned they want to hear, then pat themselves on the back about how clever clever they are and have won the big game.

    Their attitude in some ways reminds me of the creep who sucks up to you, tells you they want to get to know you/get close to you (marketing speak for figuring out how much they can get out of you while making you feel cosy/loved) so that they can use you.
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  12. srw

    srw It's a bit more complicated than that...

    Not really. They just applied the then-current tools of advertising to politics. Which, roughly speaking, was what other parties were doing at the same time with various levels of sophistication, and what all parties had been doing with various levels of sophistication for donkeys years. Thatcher's use of the Saatchis and "Labour isn't working" was as sophisticated for the 1970s as Blairish microtargetting was for the 1990s. And as sophisticated as Obama's or Corbyn's use of social media marketing was in the 2010s.
  13. Profpointy

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    Don't you come on here with a sensible and well argued explanation. This is the internet don't you know !
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  14. OP
    Blue Hills

    Blue Hills ^

    the labour isn't working was advertising, not much more. The other stuff is afterwards. Your first sentence, though it restricts itself to "advertising" pretty much agrees with me/restates my case. The deep rot in my opinion began with Blair and Mandy.
  15. FishFright

    FishFright More wheels than sense

    Best change your opinion to fit in the facts.

    I know that sounds really weird in the 21st century but it's worked brilliantly from the Enlightenment to the turn of the millennia . Hopefully one day it will come back in fashion and we can get back to advancing civilisation instead of asking how much is this going to cost me ?
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