Blue sky + sunshine + bike =

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Just got back from 2 hour spin this afternoon, up and down hills (and up & down, and up & down) and along coastline of West Somerset, and it's at times like this that I truly believe the bicycle is our greatest invention (forget fire, the wheel itself, etc., etc.):thumbsup:

Still trying to keep the smile from my face (how easily pleased I am :smile:


Cool stuff - there's nothing like 'being in the zone' on the bike where everything comes together and it's like a sort of meditation, a kind of offering.


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today seemed to be the day when many people dusted off the bike and headed out for the first time since september...lot's more riders out today, none of whom were out over the winter...also I saw several small families with babies on bike seats out today as well...good to see...although the traffic made zero adjustments of course.

I felt a little overdressed in my bibs etc...but it still got cold by the end of the ride so I was happy I decided against shorts.

Let's hope the spring is here to stay.


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Was a great day for cycling. The wind has finally died down and the sky was blue. Managed 45 miles at a respectable pace, hopefully tomorrow will be much of the same.


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went on the club run for first time this year. gorgeous weather, huge turnout and a gruelling but satisfying 30 mile yomp up and down dale, with an ice cream at the café stop instead of cake.


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Yep, it was beautiful out there:biggrin:

I took my newly upgraded road bike out for a spin. Got rather lost a couple of times but it was a great day. Ended up doing 110 miles at an average of 17.5mph, which is bloody good for me:biggrin::biggrin:

The only downer being that my arse and saddle seem to have taken a massive dislike to each other all of a sudden so I'm now feeling very sore:sad:


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ooops - triple post!


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It should be the same tomorrow (sunday) so I will be out for a 30 miler around the lanes of Herts with a few friends.


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Took a group out for a social ride, mainly inexperienced riders so the pace was slow, but it was a very pleasant 16 mile ride around local country lanes. The pub stop at the half way point was much appreciated by everyone as it was at the top of a hill - a smallish hill for me but not for the newbies! It was lovely and warm sitting outside the pub, enjoying the sunshine. Can't wait for the better weather to come! Hopefully will go out by myself for a faster paced ride tomorrow.


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Hoping to get out tomorrow - bloody chest was playing up this morning - fine by the afternoon, but had son's swimming lessons / local kids round playing after.... so into the garage and some bike fettling - Commuter spruced up, Ribble oiled and dusted, garage bike tomorrow...probably flat route because of my man flu....;)

Lovely day....very warm (well lots better than last week's snow, and the forecast says it might be like this for a few days whoooo......
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