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It's in the news today that the DfT are considering introducing a mandatory levy on all items that are home delivered. Whether this will be per item, per delivery, or a fixed fee or a percentage remains unclear. This is under consideration as the government are concerned by the rising number of delivery vans on the road.

And therein lies the problem. If it's a token sum it won't change a thing, it's unlikely to put anyone off. However, if it's a significant sum I'll simply get in my 2.2 tonne SUV and drive to the shops instead. An amazon driver can make in excess of 140 drops a day - imagine if even a quarter of those customers each drove their cars instead?

So I reckon it's an idea doomed to failure either way. But what to the great minds of CycleChat think?

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Which high street tycoon is BJ courting:rolleyes:


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It certainly seems to be a bad idea to penalise people from avoiding leaving the house right now. It also seems better to have one delivery driver than multiple people making individual trips. I’m not sure on what level it does make sense. I don’t see why they are concerned by the rise, as it would seem logical it leads to a reduction in people going out for the items themselves.


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Without free delivery Amazon Prime loses some of its value. I tend to purchase it for the free, fast delivery and get free telly as a side.
Are the government actually considering this, or is it some pressure group/ think tank calling for it?
"A report from scientific advisors to the Department for Transport (DfT) suggested a “mandatory charge” on online purchases comparable to the plastic bag tax introduced by government in 2015."

Sounds like it hasn't been run past Dominic yet ...


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I think this all needs thinking through - it's not clearly good OR bad:
- it seems to make sense to keep people at home (or at least not in their cars). BUT:
- we seem to have 1 van journey per item, where we used to have
- either 1 car trip to the shops OR
- 1 royal Mail van delivering everything I ordered a few days ago, from various suppliers.

Last Thursday we had _3_ Amazon deliveries on the same day, from the same (large) courier company, from 1 online order (of 4 items). The whole lot could have fitted in my bike trailer! It's a lot of vans speeding round our housing estate :-/


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There are two ways that a tax could influence behaviour:
- what and where us consumers shop. And
- how the couriers and/or distributors/retailers optimise their delivery schedules.


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However, if it's a significant sum I'll simply get in my 2.2 tonne SUV and drive to the shops instead. But what to the great minds of CycleChat think?
This great mind thinks it's not a bad idea to take measures to reduce the number of delivery vehicles on the road, many of which appear to travel in convoy. We need a more efficient parcel delivery system in this country.
Of course we also need to be charging private car users a figure more in line with the costs to the nation of private car use, and that includes EV users.


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I don't necessarily agree with a levy, but would have paid one rather than go round the shops before Covid. Now it would be even better value. Last time I went to the local INTU was nearly a year ago. I understand it has gone bust since then.
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