Boris Johnson - the man and the myth


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Hi All,

This morning, I paid a visit to my elderly parents - in their 90s. We very rarely discuss politics, but my father is clearly aghast at the prospect of Boris becoming Prime Minister. He told me that "Boris is a mountebank" -'mountebank' isn't a commonly used word nowadays; it means :

  1. a person who deceives others, especially in order to trick them out of their money; a charlatan.
    synonyms: swindler, charlatan, confidence trickster, confidence man, fraud, fraudster, impostor, trickster, racketeer, hoaxer, sharper, quack, rogue, villain, scoundrel;
It is difficult to disagree with many (all) of these ^^^, but it made me ask myself, what is it that people see in Boris - what is his appeal ?

I'm genuinely puzzled, as I can't understand his appeal - I remember seeing him on 'Have I Got News For You' and he could sometimes come out with a few amusing quips - but Prime Minister ?

So just what positive qualities does Boris have ? . . . I expect a long list . . . . . . . not really.

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Apart from being an expert in self promotion, I can't think of any. I doubt he has any chance of becoming leader of the conservative party, let alone Prime minister. Despite his popularity with party members at the moment Hunt seems to have edged in front with the voters according to one headline I saw and that will snowball as Boris's fudges and contradictions are exposed by the intense media scrutiny he will be unable to avoid in the coming weeks.

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I'm sure the usual suspects will be along soon to give some examples of 'qualities' and to defend the indefensible. It's just Boris being Boris etc.
Can we have a couple of days to answer this?
I think it may take a hell of a lot longer than that :wacko:


Husband chatting to an 85 year old Boris fan.
He likes him because he is totally non pc. Too much of all that pc crap these days. Boris says what he thinks (in this man's eyes) and there's not enough of that sort of thing about.
Of course Johnson does not say what he thinks - no politician does. It is a carefully contrived persona designed to appeal to people like this man who are totally taken in by it.
Exactly the same sort of things that were said about Trump by his supporters when he was standing for election.


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He is appealing to a lot of the male brexit voters cos (like farage) "He's just like me", I believe the colloquialism is 'Gammon'
He comes across as a kind of bumbling character who appears to be uncertain of where he is and what he is doing, at any moment in time - there's nothing substantial there. I can't understand the basis of his appeal . . . mind you, I could never understand the popularity of people like Bernard Manning, Jim Davidson & Hughie Green.


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I can't understand the basis of his appeal . . . mind you, I could never understand the popularity of people like Bernard Manning, Jim Davidson & Hughie Green.
But none of these are politicians.
I expect people to have higher expectations of politicians that comedians, rock stars and sportsmen.

The popularity of Boris is easy to understand as a media figure but totally unbelievable as a politician.
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