Brazil v Ivory Coast

Kaka bit anyonmous for most of the game (I was reminded of Roony), woke up for a bit then got sent off for standing still. Bizarre.


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gaz said:
2002 Brazil vs Turkey? what goes around, comes around.
Exactly what I was thinking - Rivaldo by the corner flag, faking the 'head injury' when the ball hit his legs. Absolute joke that guy was.


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Luis Fabiano looks like a good bet for the Golden Boot though, eh? Fabulous first and a touch of the 'hand of god' for the second! Mind you, he deserved it for beating the entire Ivory Coast defence at keepy-uppy...


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I guess no-one thought any of the other games today or yesterday were interesting enough to have their own thread - well, I thought Paraguay looked to be playing very well, and at the same time, well within themselves.

And Italy - New Zealand, that was classic stuff! The part-timers against the rich kids, and the part-timers almost stole it at the last. That really was a 1-1 win for NZ.


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The cynic in me is not surprised at the Italians coming up with a dodgy result!
yes even stevens except FIFA will deem the simulation as cheating and that player will get a suspension, but will see the two handballs in the goal that Fabiano scored, and subsequent joking with the referee as "part of the game". Once the referee allowed that goal he lost control of the game. Should have been 2 reds for the stud challenges on the Brazilian players. Odds on then that this referee will be the one to be granted the final. (The ref that missed the handball in the France-Ireland game is officiating at the world cup). FIFA are a joke.
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