Breaking a Boardman


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Thinking about getting a Boardman road bike (team carbon) on a c2w scheme and transferring the best bits to my existing road bike.

Mainly through wear n' tear on existing bike & good reviews on the Boardman.

The Boardman frame and '2nd place' bits would be used as a winter bike.

The bike I have is a Viner with Campagnolo Centaur dual-control levers and front and rear derailleur mechanisms, coupled with Miche ancillary components.

The brakes, wheels, handlebars etc. I guess would be relatively straightforward.

If I were to keep the centaur components could I fit any of the SRAM Rival bits - cassette, chain, front sprockets, bottom bracket etc. to the Viner?

Would appreciate any pointers/ideas


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Mmmm I think it is not going to be as straightforward to mix and match as you might hope. Campag cassette/freehub are not compatible with SRAM/Shimano ones. As such therefore neither would the rear mech nor the shifters which drive indexing, similarly neither would the rear wheel which couples with the freehub. So if you are going to do any transplant with any of these components you will likely have to do them wholesale.

Then the other issue is the bb (and which can be a tricky thing to match itself due to threads/chain line/system etc.), and which influences chainset compatibility. You mentioned Centaur chainset but it is hard to even narrow down from that what bb you have because there has been numerous model incarnations of the same name over many years, so specifics are required.

Of course if one insists there are things one can do to challenge the above generalisation, but possibly at the cost of added expense and (Frankenstein-like) complexity.



I think the chainset (front sprokets) and chain would be no problem, all 10 speed. The cassette won't as the spacing is different between campag and sram (which has same cassette spacing as shimano). There are some work arounds and 'mostly works' options for mixing shifters and rear derraileurs and cassettes detailed here: (copied from a post by freshcharlie)
Front derailleurs are like cassettes as far as I know, campag with campag and shimano/sram with shimano/sram.
Bottom brackets will officially be 'no', but actually depends on the axel diameter and outer width dimension of the external cups. Having said that, FSA for instance have different BBs with different outer dimensions for different chainsets and say they're not cross compatible, but I've read of people using them with no problems. This shouldn't be a problem as you'll have two chainsets and two BBs which go with their resoective chainsets, you jus need the tool to remove and fit them. Just remember, English thread BBs undo the way you pedal and do up the way you back pedal on both sides. (i.e. right side is left handed thread).


Can you just get the bits you want replacing on c2w? My employer has just completed a first run of c2w and I, not needing or being able to justify another bike to SWMBO, managed to spend £600 on clothes and hardware!


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Firstly, thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

I may have shot my bolt, Halfords have increased the bike to £1199 from £999, which essentially scuppers the C2W deal.

Back to the drawing board, which at this moment has an aluminium framed racer as favorite to replace the flat bar hack I use for work.

Although this question is a tad off topic, what are peoples snapshots of aluminium framed racers, would they cope with winter commuting and short (25 mileish) sunny rides?
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