Brexit: I told you so.

Now that it is the New Year and the Deal has been agreed and we are out of the EU I think it is only fair that both sides of the debate have a thread where they can show that they were right all along.

Hopefully we will get a thread majority of Leave voters (or at least 52% of posts) posting actual real benefits from our new "Sovereign Country" status.


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I was right that some of my farming friends have found it very hard to get workers on th e land recently and expect this to get worse. I was also right about losing my chance to be the European distributor for a USA company.

Mind you I am happy that by this time next year all the fishermen will be a lot wealthier.
There are already four or five threads where the remainers ‘crew’ spout the same old bollocks over and over again and pat each other on the back.

Do we really need another one?
As I said upfront this is an equal opportunity thread where Leavers can pat themselves on their backs.

The other threads are all about forecasts, this is about real benefits.
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