Brexit: I told you so.


There must be a bloody great carpet in No10 they're sweeping all this crap under...
If it isn't on TV it isn't happening.

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I was worried we hadn't had a 'Brexit is shite' post for at least several hours.

Truss, as a serial duffer, can always be relied on to come up with the goods.

Relief all round.


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Interesting, if long link attached basically some jobs have been lost, but nowhere as many as was forecast, but jobs added in the city over the period far outweigh the losses. Also the fragmentation of EU finance markets between rivals in Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin etc makes it harder to cluster the skills that are already in London. In short it's going to take a long time for any real change and that will rely on agreement between European countries.

There was also another one getting behind that recent headline about Amsterdam taking over from London as the share trading hub but I completely lost interest because it went in to detail that was way beyond my comprehension. The gist was that the trades were booked in Amsterdam because they're euro trades and the EU regulator requires it, but the economic value of the trades remain in London because the settlement, clearing and risk management remains here.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
nteresting, if long link attached basically some jobs have been lost, but nowhere as many as was forecast,
That article is from December last year. Who knows what will happen in the future? The main benefit of having a city centre of finance is easy personal contact with hundreds of people, and we all know that's not happening at the moment. I don't know if it's lost for ever, or just temporarily absent - if the former, then jobs will vanish from London quickly.

Robert Shrimsley has a decent, downbeat, assessment out today.
" The bottom line, though, is that on a vital economic interest [financial services], the UK can only wait for the EU to rule. It has lost, not taken back control. ...

Britain must adjust to a power imbalance in its own backyard, to learn to play the game like the smaller guy. Brussels’ attitude may not be admirable but it was entirely predictable."
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The Scottish Fishermen's Federation are on Countryfile right now asking for corporate welfare to compensate them for their own stupidity.

No. Suck it up.
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