Brexit, what genuine effects have people experienced?


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When I was attending college one of the lectures we had was given over in Molineux.
We don't do football in Gloucester, we do (just) have a top flight rugby team instead.
They wouldn't dare , would they?

Edit to add I do remember you getting those comments.

Off topic, how is Wolverhampton these days, I went to college there many years ago? I occasionally think I should pop up there for a quick visit just to see the place again.
Neither of you live in Leicester though (mind the Cricket Team ain't too shabby either)

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Another supplier not supplying to add to my list.
Petdrugsoline used to supply me with medicines at a highly competitive rate.
I bought £400 of Telmisartan (Semintra) from them last year for much cheaper than I could source on the mainland.
Same date for the loss of a market, January 1st 2021.
Edit for clarity.
I only found this out today though I suspected before the last seconds crap agreement that it would be another brexit casualty.
The crazy thing about this is that the covid has caused a disruption in supply from Boerhinger. There is plenty of the stuff in blight and an absolute scarcity in Western Europe at the moment.
You live in France, but were buying a German manufacturers drugs online in the UK for delivery to France? Now you can't get them so cheaply from the UK you are blaming Brexit?

Maybe you should be asking why the EU based companies are ripping you off, as clearly, even with import/export charges the UK distributor was able to undercut the French opposition.
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