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Hi all

3 friends and I are hoping to tackle the C2C in a few weeks' time. The thing we are struggling a bit with at the moment is getting ourselves up to Whitehaven with 4 bikes from Manchester, and then back from the NE. I couldn't get 4 bikes on the back of my car and there often aren't enough seats in a van, especially if we want someone to drive us up there.

Any ideas?


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The Train
Bike and all four up in the van to Whitehaven (Ok so someone has to sit in the back)
Then train with all the bikes back from to Sunderland to Whitehaven and pick up the van


Car and van to whitehaven
Dump all bikes and 3 people
Drive van to sunderland
driver take train back to whitehaven
all cycle to sunderland
pick up van and put all 4 bikes in the back
3 go home
Car driver tkaes train back to whitehaven
picks up car
drives home

Or local taxi will take you Sunderland to Whitehave for £160 !

Or get in touch with this lot
We saw their vans a few times on the route
You can get 4 bikes in a virgin train to carlisle, then there are at least 2 on the trains down to whitehaven possibly 4. Call the train company to ask - it's Northern trains I think. The trains on the whitehaven leg are quite frequent, so you could split your party up and go on two seperate trains if you couldn't get all of you on one train..

Coming back from Newcastle you can get the transpennine express to Manchester. You can normally get 2 bikes on each, so, again you'd have to split your party up but you could all get back, but it's entirely possible as the services are frequent.

With both Virgin and TPE you need to book your bike spaces in advance.
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