Cardigan street races


Come on down one and all. It ll be a great day, good prize money, So should be some top guys there. They will lap every 2mins. There s a good little climb, and we ve put in a nice little pinch point to make it interesting:whistle:


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Was just near Cardigan on holiday this year - at fforest just up from the Nature Centre. Hired a bike from the bike shop just at the turn at the top end of town there. Bit of a dog though - hybrid was just a cheap mountain bike instead (although the frame did say "Giant") and gears were a bit random, but was glad for the 3 hours in the saddle.

Lovely town, and lovely location for a race.

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I shall be there.

There is virtually no road racing in this part of the world, which is a crying shame as we have some of the quietest roads in the UK. Hats off to the Velo Teifi for getting fully closed roads for this event, the hill at the bottom of Cardigan should make the legs ache after a few laps too.


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Lukesdad I was there great fun, really enjoyed it, had peeps spinning up on mags in front of me, the disappearance of some of the senior race members was a bit puzzling then saw the blood, hugely competitive, great atmosphere congrats to Velo for job well done and the nippers races were great. Heard some complaints from the snakes ref number of riders in some races and re chicane at the back. Spoke to club member from fishguard he didn't know who lukesdad was......but there we go, and a week of glorious sunshine followed in all was brill and glad made effort to be there.


Thanks Canardly. Glad you enjoyed it. We were all there at 7 am setting up. Went off with out a hitch, except the Cat 3 and 4 race where one of the riders took a wrong number ! Few moans from the locals about road closures but other than that no hitches.
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