Carrera Celeste road bike

Alan Whicker

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I've been after a beater bike to leave outside the tube station on days when I can't be bothered to ride to work. My father-in-law got me this Carrera Celeste at his local recycling centre for the eye-watering sum of Ten quid. Seems in good nick. The brakes work, the tyres hold air (at the moment) and the sprockets are in decent condition, though rusty - it looks like it's been in a shed for twenty years. Hi-ten steel. I'm not expecting miracles for a tenner.

Anybody had one? I've done a Google but there's an *ahem* 'specialist' film star with a very similar name that's clouding the search results :blush:.


Rare Migrant
Sounds and looks ideal for your needs. Stem looks a bit too high though.

Oh, and nice bike rack! :blush:
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