Changing the position of break levers

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I would like to mess around with some different break lever positions on my handlebars. Now the thing is they are encased in bar tape of course. I dont want to undo all the tape jusat to find they cannot be moved, so my question is simple....if I move th etape will I be able to re locate the levers in a different position on the bars easily and re tape it all up again....or is this just a stupid idea?

The reason is because I am looking at turning the bars up a touchtowards me and dont want the levers to stick up in the air.


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Yes, removing the tape will allow you to move the levers.
Depending on how much you move them (downwards/forwards in your case), this will create issues with the length of the front brake cable outer or the rear brake cable outer to the first cable stop on the top tube.

Should be OK but be prepared to get slightly longer cable outers.

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Do you ever suffer from numb hands on a long ride? If so, while you have the handlebar tape off might be a good time to consider Grab-On grips.

Don't be fobbed off with anything except the genuine Grab-On. It's THE best thing for touring bikes, but the imitation products don't come close. You might have to shop around a bit to find it, too, but it's well worth a try.


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I've just done this - I actually just wrapped my bars from the centre to the hoods (the wrong way according to usual schools of thought) and that meant that I could fiddle with the position of my levers every day without taking it all apart. Then when I was happy with the position I wrapped it all up with new tape.
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