Charity Ride on a Hybrid


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Walton on Thames
Hi All,
Opinions please, I'm doing a hilly 100km charity cycle on Sunday, last year completed on a Giant scr, due to ambition overiding ability a certain amount of walking was required, I know more hills required in training!
I am seriously thinking of doing on Scott Sub 40 this time due to wider gear rations 11-30 as opposed to a 12 -25. Will I regret it, due to more upright position and shorter wheelbase.
Comments appreciated


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Just done the Trossachs Ton 100miler on Sunday (my first) and to be honest there were a few hybrids and even a couple of mountain bikes. Whilst you might not be as quick as the hundreds of road bikes it is not impossible and depending on the tyres it might not make that much of a difference.

I guess it all comes down to personal preference, attitude and fitness - I am sure anyone who weighs a few pounds less than me will get up the hills quicker than me on my road bike - even if they were doing it one their hands and knees (probably)!

I reckon anything can be used, but just expect the effort required to be more - that's where it comes down to you as an individual. I'd have probably done it OK on a hybrid, but not a MB, but thats just me.

Good luck.
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