Christmas get together relief....what do you think??


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Hope this is not a duplicate.
Things are getting so complicated.
As I understand it BoJo is allowing up to 3 families to gather at christmas.
Our daughter ALWAYS has a big christmas day and again has invited us.
We have politely declined.
2 single lads (one with a partner)
17 year old daughter.
SiLs mum.
No thank you.
I/we have gone months keeping as separate as possible and we are not going to risk everything for one day/weekend.


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Told my Mum last night I wasn't going to theirs for Christmas due to the risk. It's the first time we won't have been. I'll do a solo visit a few days before Christmas before I collect my eldest from university.

SWMBO's working in a Covid ward, youngest's at 6th form with classes on, eldest's away at university and coming back for 3-4 days only. The risk is too great to them as they're both elderly and frail.


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It's unlikely we will be mixing with family, not worth it, especially as each 'household' will be mixing with another two households in addition to yours.

We'll be happy if MrsF can hug her mum at the care home, but that's not looking likely.

We may have a friend over at New Year as she lives on her own.

My daughter may want to see her boyfriend and my son to meet a couple of friends, so that's basically the households maxed out.

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Keeping the lockdown over Christmas would be a vote winner. You wouldn't have to eat food you don't like with people you don't like.


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I expect the strategists have concluded that a great many people would just ignore the Covid rules over Christmas anyway so are attempting to get as many political points as possible.
Clearly some people will do it anyway, but pandering to them isn’t the answer.
A suggestion I heard on the radio was that the Government should be saying the lockdown restrictions are still in place over Christmas but we won’t prosecute you for breaking the rules. This would be a much more passive aggressive stance, basically saying don’t do it. It allows the more sensible family members to say no.
I worry that some people will now be bumped into doing things they probably shouldn’t because the Government say it’s ok.


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I expect the strategists have concluded that a great many people would just ignore the Covid rules over Christmas anyway so are attempting to get as many political points as possible.
Nail and head,
In my opinion a lot of people would do what they usually do anyway over Xmas, and let's face the fact how on Earth can the whole country be policed , so it's easier to 'let' people do what they would have done under normal circumstances.

Those who feel it unsafe to visit their families will still 'do the right thing' whether the restrictions are lifted or not and the 'selfish/irresponsible'
people will do what they want to do but there won't be any stories of Police kicking Granny out half way through her Xmas Pud!

There was always going to be another lock down in the New Yr due to the extra time off from work, Uni kids coming home and general mixing being re-introduced.

January is depressing enough as it is without more restrictions.
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It doesn't make much sense in terms of science but the powers that be have to be pragmatic. If no concessions are offered over Christmas, there would probably be really widespread rule-breaking and a risk of completely losing a grip on the situation. Of course it's going to cause a spike in infections in January but that's the price they have calculated is better than total carnage.


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I love Christmas! Getting together with family and friends, good food and wine, the giving and receiving of presents and general good cheer. However, this whole idea is nuts, science does not support it and many people will die because of it. For just one year I am sure we could stay apart in our family units/bubbles and not have a truly horrible time. Whatever fudge they come up, we will be having a simple Christmas with just my household in attendance.
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