Claud Butler commuter (mercury)


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St Neots , Cambs
I have a Claud Butler Mercury (hybrid) thats about 2 or 3 years old. i took apart for some reason and never put it back together, it was £280 when i got it and needs some attention, maybe a new chain and such but for the most part i would think its pretty much ok, although, you will need to put it back together.

This bike is free to anyone who got theres stolen, id expect to see you post on this site regarding your robbed bike, and id prefer it to go to someone thats been a member for a while.

im 5ft 8, i think the bike is 20inch, though im not certain, the bike is located in St. Neots, Cambs.

Sorry for you losses, hope this will help someone out though )


note; if you want this bike and didnt get robbed, PM me and maybe we can work something out and ill put members names who got robbed into a hat to win the cash towards there next ride.
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