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is this a good deal or would i be better picking up bits and bobs? got my student in the bank so i want to spend my way out of my revision related depression.


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I wouldn't bother myself. A bunch of brushes and some detergent? Go to a pound shop or Lidl especially as a impoverished student. Save your money for important things. Like beer.


As previous posting, look around and buy the bits, it seems a high price for that kit. I got my soft nylon brushes and a sponge of the same design from Instore for about £3 each and also a nylon brush for pot washing for cleaning cassettes, chain rings etc and my wheel brush from Tescos for 99p. All in the car section.


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Any old sponge and soapy water does the trick. If you're feeling plush get some car shampoo if not a bit of washing up liquid.
Washing up brushes for the cassette and chainrings, old t-shirts for chain and polishing.

Those brushes don't actually last very long either, and muc-off is glorified soapy water.


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Can't be.... he posted before mid day :smile::laugh:

redjedi said:

Soapy water will get grease/oil off most things, have you never done the washing up....ooops sorry You're a student :smile::biggrin:


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That Muc off spray is rubbish, I bought it and it tells you to leave 10 minutes or so before wiping of the grease, simple fact is it don't work.

A sponge with some car shampoo works for me as Washing up liquid has salt in a tends to aid corrosion.

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iendicott said:
A sponge with some car shampoo works for me as Washing up liquid has salt in a tends to aid corrosion.
No it doesn't.

I have used it on cars, motorcycles and bikes for decades and it has never done any damage. The amount in the capful you use is next to nothing and it is rinsed off after five minutes anyay.

A 100 yard ride on a gritted road will put more salt on your bike than a lifetimes cleaning.
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