Clothing for tall people


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There are nine people on here upto 6' 5" tall .

Where do you get yopur trousers and jeans from .

I now have to buy off the net .And my last two pair 35 " inside leg .I was disappointed with the quality .But took them cos i was fed up of trailing into shops in Leeds .


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I'm 6'3 and can usually find something in the shops that fits


I am as majestic in height as you and find I can always find clothes that fit. Never had any problem at all.


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At 6' 1", I was tall when I was a teenager but I'm not now. You only have to look at the poll results to see that - 6' 5" is the new 6' 1"! I only qualify as 'fairly tall' or 'tallish' now.


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Thank you all .

Think i'll rule out Long Tall Sally though .

But i'm not saying shes not a nice girl .


I'm 6'3'' no problems with trousers as my inside keg is only 32". Its shirts that pose problems the sleeves are never long enough.

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I'm 6'5 and I get most of my stuff from Next or M&S. If you go into the high street stores they don't normally carry the longer length sizes on display, but if you look in the catalog or online you can generally find leg lengths of 35". It's not on their full range of clothes yet, but the range of longer length stuff is definitely extending as I think people are generally getting taller than they used to.

I seem to find getting the arm length and back length of casual shirts to be long enough is the toughest. If you are really struggling there are some specialist stores online. Checkout . Bit pricey, but I've had a couple of really good shirts from them.


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i think it's even worse for girls. i'm 6ft and have 36 inch leg. Long Tall Sally is ok, but i find the haven't got much in their range. Other than that it's top shop and dorothy perkins if i'm lucky on the day. I'd really like a 38 leg because it looks better with heels.

Cycling longs are a nightmare to find, but have a double turn up on their longs which is worth another 3 or 4 inches if you let them down


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I'm 6ft3 and I've never really had a problem getting clothes except on one occasion when my BF send me a hoodie from Thailand and it was large. I couldn't get the thing over my shoulders.:smile:

Thai large is obviously very different from Europe large. I do occasionally have problems with T-shirts as I have big shoulders. But, generally, no real problems getting clothes.



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buggi said:
i think it's even worse for girls. i'm 6ft and have 36 inch leg.

just like me. But I'm also a size 18. Sometimes clothes get proportionally longer in the bigger sizes, but mostly they're made with short overweight women in mind. The biggest problem is finding tailored blouses or jackets for work with the waist in the right place rather than directly under my chest.

I've ordered some very nice clothes in Next's online Tall shop, but as with Long Tall Sally, the range is quite limited. Same here, though some nice stuff: M&S have many dresses in longer lengths. The floaty stuff from Monsoon sometimes works.

I've bookmarked a directory of shops (mostly online) with tall clothes a while ago. Maybe it helps someone:
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