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It was 12.4 million when I donated (not £600,000 in my case :laugh:)

Amazing that one man can raise charity telethon sort of money.
He deserves a knighthood for his service, let alone this amazing feat. Did you see that he had a guard of honour - at an appropriate distance - for his final lap. I may have had something in my eye when I read that.


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Anyone know anything about the NHS Charities Together Group?

It seems to be an amalgamation of hundreds of separate charities who each run fund-raising teams, but it isn't absolutely clear what they do with the money they raise [over £450 million donated in the last year, with outgoings of £1+ million a day]. It's a massive group with over 16 executive directors... providing wellbeing support for NHS staff.


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No Justgiving have waived their fee.

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Does anyone know if Justgiving are taking their usual cut out of this? It would be a nice gesture if they didn't.

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I heard something about JustGiving waiving their £100,000 commission.

As regards where the money goes, I wonder if 'NHS Charities' is not in some respects doing stuff the NHS itself should be doing.

I've used the NHS more than I would like recently, so I've made a small donation and won't lose too much sleep over where the money goes.
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