Croatia family Holiday??

gary r

anybody been??we are a family with 2 kids 9 & 6.recommend any resorts /areas worth going too.Mrs R found a nice appt for rent in croatia for 760 euros a week.................or thats what she thought !!! It was 760 euros a day!!!! Thats why it was so nice!!! anyway thats way beyond our budget


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Went there on business a few weeks ago. I wouldn't go for a holiday! Zagreb was okay, lovely cathedral.


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The middle bit
Went to Porec a couple of years ago, really lovely.
The beaches are all pebbles but lots of little bays if you like your privacy. Food wasn't great but ok.
Lots of Germans and Russians around so a bit different, i'd recommend it if you get a chance to go.


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As it happens I've just come back. Myself, wife, and 2 year old.
We stayed on an island near Dubrovnik called Sipan which was very nice, but perhaps slightly too quiet.

If it's beaches you're after then I can recommend Lopud, another island in the same area. We went there on a day trip, and it's got a lovely very sandy beach. It's about 45 minutes from Dubrovnik on the boat. Bear in mind that the boats are funny times; there's on mega early, then no more until midday.

Dubrovnik itself is very nice, really interesting and lovely old buildings.

I've also heard that Cavtat is nice too.

Try and go scuba diving, or at least snorkelling - the sea is beautifully clear.


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Oh yes, although Croatia isn't in the EU, virtually everywhere does accept the Euro. However, you'll probably get a bit more for your money if you get your currency in Kunas.


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Went to Pula and Zagreb - to be honest both areas not very remarkable and came across quite a bit of racism and generally odd behaviour such as being followed by staff in shops and that was in 2007.

Some nice bits of Zagreb especially architecture/building wise but I heard from a friend who went to Dubrovnik down South that that was a great part of Croatia to go visit.

Hope you get something sorted for a good trip out there!
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