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Big very steep hills...... usually some sort of expletive at the bottom of it.....:sad: when you realise 39 x 24 is going to be painful.


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tbh not much in terms of self talk, while im riding, im usually thinking how much im enjoying it, or the faster I go, the smoother the rest of my day will go, since I'll be home earlier, beat my girlfriend into the bathroom for a shower and be eating breakfast earlier.

When I run though, I just think about my friend who I run with at weekends, and about how if he is going to beat me over 5km, im going to make him hurt really bad for it!


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make it to the next tree.....make it to the next you want all the f'in road! (to passing cars)......make it to the next tree


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Touche said:
I usually sing to myself an upbeat tempo song or ditty that I can keep repeating.

Ditto... whatever 'earworm' I have going on that day. Plus "go on yer f*kcer" said to my inner self.


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On a hill I count to 10 ... and try not to see how much of the hill is left ... somehow it keeps a steady rhythm going.

But who says its in my head ... I often talk out loud to myself on the bike .. its ok in winter ... there are fewer cyclists to hear but come summer they hear and so do the car drivers through their open windows:blush:


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I can't talk going up my commute hill,that includes talking to myself:biggrin:
Usually visions of all the crap I've eaten over the weekend comes flooding back to me:blush:


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Under exertion, I seem to think of a large bright silver in a dark space metallic ball, spinning perfectly frictionlessly. I need to keep everything together to keep this ball so perfect, breating, cadence, speed etc. In situations, I seem to revert back to primal instinct senses and patterns of thought rather than what I call "modern" thought..if this makes sense.

i.e. there is a pothole just infront of me.
primal me accepts the situation and guides my bike round the pothole
modern thought me thinks "need to move out of the way of this pothole"
I'm spouting bollocks /end post
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