Cyclist attacked by group armed with hammer


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That could have been me, I've had a motorist chase after me and threaten me with a hammer, but I didn't get hit. There was another cyclist passing at the time, but he was too scared to be a witness.


Disgusting. Definitely a sign of the times as is the fact we can only hope the police manage to get those responsible in front of a judge.


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Can only hope it was random and not some nut jobs going round looking for cyclists.
Things like this that make you really think as a race we really are screwed.


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There is a chance that this is not a random attack and he could have been targeted for some other reason.

But its still a cowardly attack.


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What do we expect? TV Programmes, Media campaigns and Overblown minor incidents all contribute towards a nationwide hate campaign against the cyclist. Maybe, this is a targeted hit unrelated to cycling, but quite frankly, the more i get involved with all things related to cycling, the more i hear and see crazy rage incidents such as motorists using their 1-2 tonne metal boxes as weapons against the fragile person on their bicycle or violence in other ways. Why is there so much hate towards one another!?
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