Decathlon hydration bags


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Not used them, but can't see them being any different for camelbaks ?

If MTB'ing these are the thing to use. If you have the right rucksack they aren't lumpy - these hydration packs are fairly comfy.

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I used one of these last year on the dunwich dynamo- brilliant.
They are not very wide so do not give you as much sweaty back as a normal rucksack, so not very noticable at all
I fitted in a rain jacket and some food. Small pocket was ideal for wallet and phone.
For that kind of money it's definitely worth a shot.


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I've had one for a while, as a rucsac it's great, I use it a lot. The hydration pouch, tube and valve were cheap and crappy though and I've junked them.


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I've had one for a while.
Good piece of kit, except the bite valve on the hydration tube, which was a bit poor.

I used it 3 or 4 times, before it started to dribble even when closed, and the flow was poor at best. However I then replaced it witha "proper" Camelback valve for about £5.00.

Vast improvement and still shedloads cheaper than a real Camelback.
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