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Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by Drago, 6 Jul 2019.

  1. mudsticks

    mudsticks Über Member

    I agree re hypocrisy vis a vis flying places to tell people about green stuff.
    Most people I know who do go to these things agonise over it, and try to offset in all other areas of their lives.

    But are fully aware of the dissonance.

    Personally I turned down an all expenses paid trip to South America, to attend an agroecological conference.

    Because I don't fly, and haven't for decades.
    Of course in the scheme of things it made no difference, ecologically, but principals have to count for something..

    But the real criminals are the likes of the oil companies who have known full well (often through their own research) what the consequences of the untramelled fossil fuel Party would be.

    But they muddied the waters, spread uncertainty, and doubt..
    In furtherance of their own profits.
    That's eco-criminality - right there.

    After all its not too difficult to persuade people that the luxuries, and conveniences they are enjoying are totally fine, is it??

    And to rubbish all these mithering greenies who are trying to spoil all the fun.

    So yes we can try to live differently, as individuals, and do 'our bit' where we can.

    (as an aside I happen to have a very nice life, doing useful work, and living with less, having a lot of fun, for very little outlay, biking and cycle touring being a part of that)

    But the real change is us, all getting behind, and voting for, the very necessary system change, which is the only real way out of the mess we've made.

    So the pressure has to be kept up on politicians, and big corps etc.

    So we all say with a loud, and consistent enough voice, that the change has to happen right now.
    We need as humans to act and be different, see ourselves as part of the whole, rather than atomised entities.

    Sniping at each other for how many smartphones, or plastic bags we use is missing the point.

    Business as usual loves all that..
    It just becomes another consumer fest, just more 'green tinged' stuff to sell.

    Unless we most of us have a change of heart and admit that we've got plenty, and don't need more, and that looking after our life support system, and those people struggling even to survive, is more important than what we immediately want right now, then we will be stuck in the same place, or rather dissappearing over a cliff edge of no return.

    OK off for a lovely bike ride.

    Peas n lurve :wub:
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  2. mudsticks

    mudsticks Über Member

    And you can buy 100% renewable generated electricity, to run your low energy rated fridge.

    Seems to work the same as all the other stuff.

    It gives your kitchen a bit of a whiff of cumin, but otherwise it's absolutely fine :angel:
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  3. Blue Hills

    Blue Hills ^

    You mean this sort of water muddying?

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jG712IBalk&feature=youtu.be

    Shell is in the front line fighting world poverty don't you know.
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  4. mudsticks

    mudsticks Über Member

    But so many folks still fall for all that corporate greenwash hogwash don't they?

    Cos I mean it's so much more comfortable to believe isn't it??
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  5. Phaeton

    Phaeton Guru

    Oop North (ish)
    Yes it is, but they have had many years to resolve it, but the head in the sand attitude is not helpful on their side
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  6. Unkraut

    Unkraut Master of the Inane Comment

    Hogwash? You'll tell me next that British plastic ends up being burnt in the open air in Malaysia to the detriment of the local population ....
  7. lane

    lane Über Member

    Nottingham has a workplace parking levy
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  8. OP

    Drago Flouncing Nobber

    I tell ya, a national workplace parking level, payable by all employees who drive would get my vote. However, instead of swallowing the funds into general taxation I would like to see the profits spent on public transport, cycling facilities, even subsidised bicycles for those that eschew the car.
  9. Blue Hills

    Blue Hills ^

    Nice thoughts but the problem with the last, unless some clever finessing was used, it would discriminate in favour of Londoners etc versus folks in the country who often need a car.
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  10. lane

    lane Über Member

    In Nottingham it was used to build the tram system.

    It isn't payable by all who drive only those tha park in workplace parking and only then if emplyers decide to pass on the cost - but at £400 a space they do tend to.
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  11. Poacher

    Poacher Gravitationally challenged member

    It's also only applied to organisations with ten or more staff parking places.
    I was involved with the early stages of development, identifying liable parking spaces from the business rates database. Despite a hate campaign from motoring organisations and individual motorists, it can be regarded as a success, I reckon.

    Edit: we also have an excellent bus network in NCT, many buses run on biogas, some electric.
    Not sure whether this is subsidised to some degree by the WPL, but great public transport certainly helps reduce traffic congestion.

    Further edit: should have put more than ten rather than ten or more spaces. D'oh!
    Memory's not what it was! Worth noting that the WPL enabled leveraged external funding for various local transport projects, as seen in this rather self-congratulatory site; other views are available by googling Nottingham WPL.
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  12. mudsticks

    mudsticks Über Member

    I live in the country..
    And wirk there too. If I could afford it I'd prefer just to have an electric delivery van, and maybe a couple of cargo bikes.

    And happily go everywhere else by bike, train, or bus.

    Of course there could still be electric vehicles for those who really needed them, but we could do with a good deal fewer.

    It was great when there was that 'fuel crisis' a few years back, the lanes were so much nicer for cycling and walking..

    And if cities were nicer, with bikes and such like then it wouldnt be such a mad scramble to move out to the country (and then commute back) as soon as anyone can afford to.

    That's pushed the cost of housing way, above affordable limits for anyone who is actually trying to make a modest living out here..

    Unless you married into, or were born in into it..
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  13. Mr Celine

    Mr Celine Discordian

    How do you 'turn up' nuclear?
  14. PK99

    PK99 Guru

    It is not an on/off system

    www.snetp.eu › 2017/07PDF
    Nuclear Energy Factsheets - snetp
  15. OP

    Drago Flouncing Nobber

    I live in the country, and despite all the done idle excuses about time and distance I hear I get about just dandy on the bike for most journeys.
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